Back to School and Dance 2020

Back to SCHOOL means back to DANCE!

School supplies don't have to be boring! Check out our range of back to school and dance essentials.

Back to School

We have backpacks, lunch boxes and book covers GALORE! Back to school items perfect for the dancer in your life. Message our Facebook page to pre order, limited stock available! 

Ballerina Star Back Pack $34.95

Ballerina Star Carry Bag $19.95

Ballerina Star Pencil Case $7.95

Ballerina Notebook $8.95

Dance Steps Water Bottle $8.95

Dance Steps Back Pack $34.95

Dance Steps Mirror $13.95

Dance Steps Pencil Case $10.50

Pointe Shoe Lunch Box $15

Pointe Shoe Book Covers $3

Pointe Shoe Display Folder $5

Phoebe Lunch Box $14

Phoebe Book Covers $3

Phoebe Display Folder $5

Pointe Shoe Notebook $5

Phoebe Notebook $5

Pointe Shoe Back Pack $55

NEW year, NEW goals?

Keep track of your dance goals in the Studio 7 Dance Journal $8.99

Stay tuned for exciting 2020 Stepping Out Uniform info!